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Nominated for the 2022 Indie Groundbreaker Awards in the Best Rules Category

Thursday is a tabletop role playing game for 2-4 players of time loops, drama, and learning from your mistakes inspired by Russian Doll.

It is a game about finding out what is important in life as you fall off the fire escape for the fifth time. It's about finally making that deep connection, but knowing it'll all be lost with the next reset. Discover your character's hidden backstory and unmet desires, and help them reach the personal epiphany they need to escape the fatal time loop and move on.

Thursday is based on the No Dice No Masters system created by Avery Alder, and has been adapted for a shorter mini series length game with no prep. It was illustrated by Tzor Edery and edited by Vi Huntsman. The PDFs available are tagged for accessibility, with bookmarks and alt text.

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Check out the Play Materials in the demo section, listen to an actual play on the Party of One podcast with Jeff Stormer or watch the stream I did on twitch with PlusOneExp.

As featured on io9, Polygon, Dicebreaker, and the inaugural episode of Games I've Read Want to Play on the Have You Played This? network.

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AuthorEli Seitz
Tagsbob, GM-Less, Multiplayer, ndnm, Time Travel, Tabletop role-playing game, zine
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Our team of three did a four night campaign of this game. Here are our impressions:

* Don't think that because it's a zine game that you'll play it to completion in one night.  Setup is fast, but to make the epiphanies of the characters meaningful you will have to give them highly detailed lives and that means taking a lot of time on the first few loops.

* It's possible for a character to exist entirely on their own and not interact with the others if the other players (the Loop, the Home and Away Teams) permit them to and the player wants to do it that way. This is fine and the game works fine if you do it that way, don't worry about it.

* The character types include a LOT of information about their personality and problems in the moves.  The Tastemaker literally can't keep a promise without spending a token, for example.  If you play the Tastemaker and you don't have any tokens you can't keep a promise. So don't.  The regular moves are "your normal bullshit".  It's what you revert to.  That tells you a lot about who the characters are.

* Dramatically, you want the strong moves to work out well for the characters and the weak moves to not work out well for the character.  But the time loop means that the "real" impact to the decision only comes in the epilogue.  So feel free to mess with them on the strong moves too in a way you wouldn't in another BOB game.

* The first loop is normal, the second is usually confusion, the third is where you panic and do a lot of loop oriented things.  If the Loop hasn't gotten a good idea of what to do before the third loop, then they need to take a break and get a good idea. They can share it too.

* Don't rush through the epilogue because it's the end of the session. Give it plenty of room to breathe, it's the only time there are genuine consequences to anything that's happened in the game.

Good stuff, we really enjoyed it.  Perhaps more comments to come!


Sounds like a great run! Thank you for posting, I really enjoyed reading through it, and your play tips are absolutely on point.

Great work and looking forward to your next thing!